90 Capsules | 45 Days Supply

ArthVeda is a specially curated natural capsule that takes inspiration from the ancient Ayurveda. It is a culmination of 8 powerful ingredients that helps you get relief from bone & joint pain and gives your joint a comfortable movement. 


  • Supports joint strength 
  • May improve bone and joint health 
  • May help reduce muscle pain 
  • May tender to wound and injury 
  • May help in reducing inflammation

Per Capsule (500mg):

Dashmool Powder - 150mg

Triphala Powder - 150mg

Punarnava Powder - 50mg

Guggul Powder - 50mg

Black Seed Extract - 35mg

Boswellia Extract - 30mg

Long Pepper Powder - 15mg

Black Pepper Powder - 10mg

Take 2 Capsules daily with or without meal.