Bentonite clay

227 gram

PURE CALCIUM BENTONITE CLAY Powder is derived from Mineral-Rich Volcanic Ash, Giving You a Cleansing Clay that is Hypoallergenic, with No Additives, and is Safe for Even Sensitive Skin. It is completely NATURAL FROM INDIA .

RESTORE YOUR GLOWING FACE -The clay stimulates your circulation and restores your natural radiance. The negative ions of the clay draws excess oils and impurities embedded deep within the layers of the skin. It pulls residual toxins from the skin as it gentle exfoliates. The deep pore cleansing tightens and reduces the size of pores, leaving skin soft and silky. It diminishes blemishes, fine lines, and wrinkles and reveals your smooth glowing skin.

Pure & Natural Bentonite Clay Powder

Make a paste using Bentonite Clay Powder and water, apply it on a clean face, and wash off before it dries completely.