Bhringraj Powder

227 gram, Eclipta prostrata

Bheigraj is a food for hair. It is a miracle herb that promotes healthy hair growth, deeply nourishes our hair and help maintain the natural hair colour. It help you get rid of pre-mature greying of your hair. Give your hair strength and nourishment with Bhringraj powder that reverses dullness, fights dandruff, and imparts lusture.

Pure & Natural Bhringraj Powder

Hair oil: Gently heat and stir in bhringraj powder in hair oil of choice, till the essence of bhringraj is fully absorbed and the oil becomes fragrant. Massage in circular motions or use as desired.Hair mask: Mix with other ingredients of choice or by itself with lemon juice or curd and apply all over from root to tip. Leave for 30 mins and wash with a gentle hair cleanser.