Virya Vardhika

90 Capsules | 45 Days Supply

MINATURE Virya Vardhika Capsules help you get a surge of energy, and stamina and enhance your performance. It is a perfect blend of 7 powerful herbs.  


  • May boost energy   
  • May prevent premature aging symptoms 
  • Supports vitality
  • May enhance muscle strength
  • May support building stamina

Per Capsule (500mg):

Shilajit Extract Powder - 150mg

Safed Musli Powder - 100mg

Black Resin Powder - 100mg

Black Sesame Powder - 50mg

Ganthoda Powder (long pepper root) - 35mg

Ginseng - 35mg

Gotu Kola - 30mg

Take 2 capsules daily with or without a meal.