fenugreek Capsules

120 capsules, 2 Months supply

  • BREASTFEEDING SUPPORT-Women who are breastfeeding sometimes use fenugreek to promote milk flow.it can help by increasing milk production while breastfeeding if your supply is low.
  • MENSTRUAL CRAMPS-Diosgenin, a naturally occurring compound in fenugreek that mimics the estrogen your body produces, accounts for the herb’s ability to minimize the effects of hot flashes and menstrual cramps

Fenugreek seed powder 

  • Serving 1000mg per day- 2 Tablets per Day for best results.
  • MINATURE Fenugreek Seed Capsules are Totally Natural .It is safe to be consumed by everyone as it is free from gluten , dairy ,soy or any other artificial ingredients.